Parrilla del Ñato -

Enjoy our specialties

Beef Broth
Chicken broth
Asparagus Soup
Mushroom Soup

Fried or Baked potatoes
Rice with moro (Black beans)
Rice with moro (Lentil)
Rice with bean stew
Petacones / Matures
Kidney (1 portion)
Kidney (1/2 portion)
Sausage or Blood puddings (1 portion)
Sausage or Blood puddings (1/2 portion)
Chitterlings (1 portion)
Chitterlings (1/2 portion)

Choripan (Sausage)
Hot Chicken
Chivito (Sandwich or to the plate)

COMBOS ÑATO (includes potato and soda)
Combo 1 (1/4 Beef)
Combo 2 (1/4 Chicken)
Combo 3 (Breaded steak)
Combo 4 (Breaded steak Ñato)
Combo 5 (Burger Ñato)
Combo 6 (Simple Burger)
Combo 7 (Choripan)
Combo 8 (1 Chop)

Baby Grill
Baby Beef (400 gr.)
Baby Quadril (350 gr.)
Baby Steak with Sausage and Blood puddings (400 gr.)
Baby Steak (400 gr.)
Baby Simple Breaded steak (Meat or Chicken / 220 gr.)
Baby Breaded steak Ñato (Meat or Chicken / 220 gr.)
Baby Simple Breaded steak Beef (220 gr.)
Baby Breaded steak Ñato with Beef (220 gr.)
Baby Filet Migñon (300 gr.)
Baby Pecho Paloma (450 gr.)
Baby Pechito Personal (200 gr.)

Grill Family
Double Grill
Mixed Double Grill with Meat and Chicken
Beef Pecho de Paloma (1000 gr. / 2 persons)
Fine Loin (700 gr. / 2 persons)
Quadril Steak (700 gr. / 2 persons)
Sausage Steak (900 gr. / 2 persons)
Pork chop (5 units)
Pork chop (3 units)
Gizzard (1 portion)
Gizzard (1/2 portion)

Ribeye (275 gr. / Uruguay)
Picaña (275 gr. / Angus / U.S.A.)
Entraña (250 gr. / Angus / Uruguay)
Matambre de cerdo (450 gr. / Ecuador)
Asado de Tira Importado (Uruguay)
Carré (Pork Beef / 2 persons / Ecuador)

Four Cheese Ravioli
Fetuccini or Spaguetti Alfredo
Spaguetti Carbonara
Spaguetti Pesto
Spaguetti Napolitana with Beef
Beef Lasagna
Chicken Lasagna
Four Cheese Gnocchi

Filet Migñon (500 gr. / 2 persons)
Baby Punta de Lomo al Jalapeño (350 gr.)
Simple Breaded steak (Beef or Chicken / 2 persons)
Breaded steak Great Ñato (Beef or Chicken / 2 persons)
Simple Breaded steak with Beef (2 persons)
Breaded steak Great Ñato with Beef (2 persons)
Lemon Chicken (1/2 Chicken / 2 persons)
Grilled Chicken (1/2 Chicken / 2 persons)
Grilled Chicken  (450 gr. / 2 persons)
Spare Ribs (pork) and rice with bean stew
Churrasco (Roast Beef) 
Churrasco (Fine Loin)
Pepper Beef (Fine Loin 300 gr.)
Lomito Saltado
Bandejita Ñato (Beef, Chicken y Pork)
Puntita del Lomo al Jalapeño (175 gr.)

With Grilled Beef
With Burguer to the plate
With 1 Sausage
With 2 Sausages
With Roast Beef, Chicken or 1 Chop
With Fine Loin

Grilled Croaker / Breaded (400 gr.)
Baby Grilled Croaker / Breaded (200 gr.)
Shrimp Breaded
Shrimp Ceviche

Fine Loin
Mixed Great Ñato (Fine Loin, Pork, Sausage)

Salami and Cheese
1/2 meter
1 meter

Ham and Cheese
1/2 meter
1 meter

1/2 meter
1 meter

Fugazza and Cheese
1/2 meter
1 meter

1/2 meter
1 meter

Mushroom, Ham and Cheese
1/2 meter
1 meter

Strawberrys and Whip Cream
Peaches and Whip Cream
Banana Split
Cold Cup Ñato
Assorted Ice Cream (three flavors)
Assorted Ice Cream (two flavors)
Ice Cream 1 flavor
Fruits Salad
Coconut Cheese
Milk Cheese
Three Milks
Brownie With Ice Cream (Negrito)

Natural Water 
Mineral Water
Juice Fruits
Juice Pitcher
Club Beer Premium
Pilsener Beer
Internacional Beer
Soda (Glass)
Soda (Bottle)
Té, Aromatic Water
American / Express Coffee

Special Sangria (1 Liter)
Special Sangria (1/2 Liter)
Sangria (1 Liter)
Sangria (1/2 Liter)

Chilean Wines
Casillero del Diablo 750 ml. (Red or White)
Casillero del Diablo 375 ml. (Red)
Reservado Concha y Toro 750 ml. (Red)
Santa Rita 750 ml. (Red or White)
Santa Rita 375 ml. (Red)

Argentine Wines 
Trapiche 750 ml. (Red)
Trapiche 375 ml. (Red)
Trivento Tribu 750 ml. (Red)

Whisky (12 years)
Ron (Bottle)
Vodka (Bottle)
Tequila (Bottle)
Whisky, Drambuie (Shot)
Vodka, Tequila (Shot)
Mint Liqueur, Ron, Espíritu del Ecuador (Shot)

Cuba Libre
Piña Colada

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