In 1980, Eduardo García Vergara, former soccer player, born in Uruguay and Ecuador for heart and nationalization; fulfilled his dream to invest their savings in a Grill restaurant which would have the opportunity to attend personally to all the friends he made in over 10 years of successful sports career, a period in which he won several championships either as goalkeeper, coach and manager of his beloved Club Sport Emelec.

It was in December 1980 that LA PARRILLA DEL ÑATO opened its doors on Victor Emilio Estrada Ave. in Urdesa citadel with the collaboration of 8 employees.

From the first moment the customer gave great reception because it showed a new concept of atmosphere, service and quality and then, there it was opening other restaurants in: KENNEDY, also in SAMBORONDON and VIA A COSTA KM. 11.5 in the Plaza Colonia Mall.

Today LA PARRILLA DEL ÑATO is recognized as an icon of Guayaquil, not just for ecuadorians, but for tourists who come to Ecuador's main port too.

The prestige of this company is based on the owner's direct relationship with customers. Also on price, variety, quantity and quality of fine dining and in the customer care, humility, seriousness and respect that all staff gives in their different locations, but mainly by the favor of God who has been Faithful and Good to us.

Currently we have the collaboration of 170 employees and indirectly employs some 250 families.

It has the privilege of attending some 50,000 people monthly.

Eduardo y Sarahmaría de García